Let North Star Dog Training be your guide to a calm,
well behaved dog.

Easy, effective relationship-based dog training for busy dog-loving folks in Kelowna.
We specialize in working with fearful and newly adopted dogs.

Why North Star?

We’ll help you enjoy a dog who is:

  • bright, like the North Star
  • great with your kids, your cat and grandma
  • easy to walk
  • calm around the home
  • responsive to your requests

In short, we’ll be your guide to a lovely dog who is easy to live with.

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How we can help:

Guided Puppy Training

Has your new bundle of joy turned out to be a bundle of relentless, uncontrollable energy? We’ll guide you from puppy chaos to puppy calm. We can even train your puppy for you!Learn more about Puppy Training.

Guided Dog Training

Helping you and your dog have good manners around other dogs, cats or guinea pigs in your home. We can help your dof stay calm around hourses. We can even train your dog for you!

Professional Dog Walking

Are mobility issues or a busy schedule making it challenging to get the dog out for her daily constitutional? We’ll walk your companion for you, because a tired dog is a calm dog!

Puppy training, dog training, & dog walking services for dog-loving folks in Kelowna

The companionship of a dog can enhance our lives at all ages. You may want to welcome a dog into your young family so that your kids can grow up knowing the unconditional love that a dog can bring to your lives. Or if you are a senior without the pressures of job and career and a house full of kids there’s more time to enjoy the love of your four-legged friend.

Our lives are busy. Add watching your kids, getting them to their various activities, or getting to the golf course or to your yoga class, or if your are struggling with health or mobility issues, high-energy dogs can pose a fall threat by jumping up for attention or pulling too hard on leash. They can also be too hyper with the young children, frightening or hurting them despite good intentions.

Our dog walking and training services are designed to keep all members of your family safe, so everyone can have a long, enjoyable life with their dog.  

We specialize in training calm, responsive dogs who don’t jump, don’t pull on leash, and know how to interact appropriately with all members of your family.

And if it’s helpful, we’ll even train and walk your puppy or dog for you.

Puppy Training
Dog Training
Dog Walking

Meet your training & walking guide, Jan Dawson

Hello, I’m Jan! I know both the joys and the frustrations of living with a dog, particularly one that just seems harder, more hyper, less responsive than dogs you’ve had in the past. As a professional dog trainer and certified dog walker, I see my job as narrowing the gap between your vision for your dog and his or her current reality. My goal is to help you enjoy the very best companionship from your dog, and put any concerns you have to rest.

Ready to enjoy a calm, well-behaved dog?