Let us walk your dog for you. Because a tired dog is a calm dog

Finding it hard to get your dog out for the daily vigorous exercise she needs? 

Tired of living with the excess energy of an under-exercised dog?

North Star dog walking service to the rescue! You’ll enjoy:

  • A calmer dog who’s easier to live with
  • A calmer dog who’s easier to train, too
  • Relief from the guilt of puppy dog eyes begging for an outing
  • Peace of mind from knowing your dog is healthier and happier
  • The convenience of a task removed from your to-do list

The North Star dog walking program

We pick your dog up from your home 3-5 days per week. Have a doctor’s appointment or an appointment with some golf clubs? No problem—you don’t even have to be there. We take her for a vigorous 60-minute on-leash walk or for 60 minutes of off-leash romping at a local dog park. Then we deliver her home happy, tuckered out, and ready to relax with you.

Free 60-minute Meet & Greet

  • All dog walking services begin with an initial appointment to meet you and your dog, get to know your dog’s needs, and lay out a walking schedule.

On-leash neighborhood walks

  • 3-day per week walking program: $90/week
  • 4-day per week walking program: $120/week
  • 5-day per week walking program: $150/week

Off-leash dog park excursions

  • 3-day per week walking program: $120/week
  • 4-day per week walking program: $160/week
  • 5-day per week walking program: $200/week

We require a minimum of 3 walks per week to make sure you and your dog experience the full benefits regular exercise brings, including increased health and calmer, more focused behavior.

Ready to enjoy a calm, well-exercised dog?

Meet certified dog walker Jan Dawson

Hello! Few things are more frustrating than sharing your home with a hyperactive dog jumping off the walls (or at least the furniture). Dogs need exercise to be in their best health and on their best behavior, but sometimes it’s a challenge to make that happen every day. My goal is to get your dog good and tired so she’s easier to live with. That means less likely to jump on you, pull you down, get ramped up with the kids, or just simply drive you crazy.

A word of advice about choosing your dog walker

Most people are unaware that dog walking is an entirely unregulated industry. Anyone can declare themselves a dog walker, with no professional education or knowledge of dogs or dog behavior. There are no professional standards for the care of dogs or for ethical business practices, and no oversight body.

I have chosen to attend the most well-regarded school for dog walkers, the dogbiz University Dog Walking Academy. I believe that to take someone’s dog from their home into the world should require more than love or passion for dogs. In addition to my education as a dog trainer, my dog walking certification provides you the assurance that I am well versed in dog body language, canine behavior, leash management, safety and emergency protocols, and canine first aid.

Hiring a professional dog walker means hiring an educated dog walker who takes the time to get to know your dog’s personality, quirks, and needs. Building this relationship and trust over time ensures maximum safety and enjoyment for your dog, and maximum peace of mind for you.